Saturday, 4 January 2014

What To Do In 2014

While working at Propelis and while observing our clients I keep making certain points which I feel I should change in myself or I feel my client needs to change to be more effective.

In January 2014 I would want to stress on these aspects for the benefit of our readers because I feel there is more to business than toplines and bottomlines. 

Today I will list out the different topics on which a separate and a detailed elaborate write up will be updated in this month. 

So here are the top things you have to do in 2014 for a perfect work life balance. (Please suggest more if you can)

1. Successful people do 9 things differently than others.

This topic will elaborate on why you should do things differently than to try doing different things.

2. Which five things hold us back from being successful 

This blog will help you recognise those things plus suggest ways to avoid them.

3. Stress Management: How to manage stress

4. How to spot business opportunities and use them to your advantage 

5. How to be a leader

6. Priority: One should decide what NOT to do, to find time for doing important things

7. Time Management

8. Decision Making

9. Understanding that money can't buy happiness

10. Being generous in what you do

11. Recognising important aspects of your business

12. How to learn what not to speak

13. Taking feedback 

14. Healthy competition and it's importance

15. How over confidence could be fatal

16. Challenging your limits and what it could mean for your company

17. Sleep

18. Why you seriously need more sleep 

19. Walk. Why you should take walks

20. Change management

21. How change can be brought about

As it's evident most of the topics are about personal traits. I sincerely hope my views help the readers in getting some positive change in their working styles.

Stay tuned for further updates.

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