Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Stress Management: How to Manage Stress

When I started my consulting firm, I was the only one working. No colleagues, no assistants. Nobody. It was just me and my work. Ok wait I had no work too. 

Honestly I did not have any money too. I did not have any infrastructure too. I had no clients. I was a nobody. I did not want to take up any job. I had only one thing with me. I had the willingness to stretch my limits and achieve my goals....

But the path is always difficult and I often found myself under tremendous pressure. Slowly when work started flowing I realised I had other pressures too now, generate work, do it, print docs, scan stuff, go out for meetings, courier stuff etc etc. I used to be dead buried under expectations both at professional and personal front.

So what did I do?

1. I started setting SMART goals.
2. I started congratulating myself for small achievements
3. I started discovering my limits.
4. Stopped worrying about things.
5. Walks. Yes long walks.
6. Gave importance to "work/life" balance

I can't say I have managed to control my stress completely but yes I am surely on the right path. 

Stress management's importance need not be stressed further.

Remember these lines from the Bhagvad Gita:

Dear Lord:
Give me the strength to change/achieve the things I can,
Accept the things I can't,
Wisdom to know the difference!

So take a chill pill guys!

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